About Neuro-Vascular Release

The basic idea (story) is that just like any other structure in our fascial web, the nerves and arteries can be fixed or “stuck” in a particular position or pattern. Nerves may be “pinched” or tethered in their fascial pathways and arteries can hold intrinsic tension much like muscle tissue. Because the body cares a lot about what is happening with the nerves and blood supply, when these structures are held in a particular pattern/ under tension, the body will “guard” these structures in such a way as to limit range of motion or to promote a particular pattern of movement. This story may sound familiar to some of you. Over the years, we have worked one-on-one, in person to help change patterns in your system, sometimes I have worked specifically with the nerves and arteries in mind as part of your SI/ manual therapy sessions. In many cases, this has facilitated decreased pain and discomfort and more ease in your day-to-day life. NVR Online is just like that….but different. See the NVR FAQ.