About Amy Bennett: Personal Story

I found my way to massage and bodywork as I transitioned into my thirties. I, like many people my age, had not found “the Path”, or “my Life’s Work”. I fundamentally had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up”.

I worked in the tech support and customer service industry for more years than felt wholesome and came to realize that this type of work was taking a serious toll not only on my emotional well-being but also on my body.  I found that I was stuck physically and intellectually after many years behind a computer screen

I began considering my options and thinking about the ways that I could improve the quality of my life, possibly by earning my living in a different way. I became interested in the concept of doing something that would allow me to be mobile and not tethered to a desk by a phone cord for eight hours a day.  I was seeking something physical and creative. During this same period, I had begun to see a chiropractor and was receiving massage as an adjunct treatment. In addition to the decreased pain and increased function that I experienced from these sessions, I also became aware that real people did massage, as a way to make an actual living. Massage therapy was a real job!

After a few fits and starts, I enrolled at East West College for the Healing Arts in Portland Oregon. I found the material and the curriculum both challenging and wonderfully inspiring. Other than art, I had never felt as intrigued by or connected to a subject. It turns out that I really like science and that the process of mastering a craft such as bodywork and structural integration is truly challenging and fun! I have been blessed over the years with an abundance of amazing teachers and opportunities to delve deeper into the theory, science and application of somatic medicine. I went back to school in 2013 and became a certified KMI Structural Integration practitioner and am Board Certified by the International Association of Structural Integrators.

I look forward every day to going to work, whether I am in the office or in the classroom. I am excited to work with clients and students as they discover and navigate their unique paths. Whether that path leads to a new career, reinvigorates or deepens a current practice or brings about a new way of experiencing themselves in the world, the process of facilitating exploration is thrilling and well worth the effort.

Nowadays, when I am not working with clients or teaching or taking a class, I do my best to live what I teach. I like to move often and eat well. I strive to make time for my family, friends, nature and myself. I believe that all of us need a bit more beauty, grace and ease in our lives and that seeking more of these things is a worthy undertaking.


Best Regards,

Amy Bennett, LMT, BCSICM