Movement and/or Embodiment Coaching

Building on my understanding anatomy and movement stemming from years of teaching (anatomy and kinesiology) and through exploration of my own movement practices, I offer approachable, straightforward mobility and strength education and support for a home practice with a focus on cultivating interoception. I can provide simple programs for you to utilize on your own and one-on-one coaching sessions to get you started.

For some, focusing primarily on embodiment and body awareness, by playing with and sensing into changes in the body can be a powerful way to shift relationship with and understanding of self.

Movement and/ or Embodiment work is tailored to your particular needs. Please be in touch to discuss your goals and see if this might be a good fit.

If you are actively training for an event, I can best support your training program with bodywork. If you are seeking coaching for strength/ endurance, seeking assistance with nutrition or are wishing to create change in you body composition, I highly suggest working with a Certified Personal Trainer. Please check my resources page for a list of trusted professionals.