Individual and Small Group Mentoring/ Supervision

Mentoring and Supervision for Bodywork Practitioners :

Mentoring and Supervision for Bodywork Practitioners offers a safe, supportive environment for you to explore challenges, clarify and define issues and to collaborate on solutions that will create more ease, balance and joy in your practice. We will work together, one-to-one or in small groups, to provide clarity and support for your evolution as a practitioner and a professional.

Some benefits of Mentoring/ Supervision include feeling supported and connected to the larger bodywork community. This type of professional development work allows time for deeper exploration of topics of interest or ethical dilemmas. The ability to dive deeply into specific subjects will increase both proficiency and comprehension which often leads to increased efficiency and enjoyment in your practice. You can think of Mentoring and Supervision for Bodywork Practitioners as a way to “level up” efficiently and quickly.

Please note: Often, when engaging in a process of professional development, we notice overlap with areas of personal development. Issues about money or self worth, boundary setting and time management do not fall neatly into compartmentalized categories of “Personal” versus “Professional”. With that in mind, these individual or group sessions are intended to support the professional development of bodyworkers and are not a substitute for counseling or therapy. Please refer to my resources page for a list of somatic leaning mental health practitioners.


Individual Mentoring/ Supervision:

One-on- sessions are best for individuals dealing with specific issues in your practice. This may be anything from business coaching, or therapeutic strategies for a particular client to untangling a tricky ethical situation or simply some anatomy and technique review.

I offer a 15 min phone consultation free of charge. I can get a sense of what it is that you are seeking and let you know what support I can offer. Often it’s enough time to address a pressing question and if more time is needed, individual hour sessions are $80.00.


 Group Mentoring/ Supervision:

This is a great option for people wanting a more collaborative experience, who are seeking support while on a budget or for a small group of folks with a shared interest in a particular topic that they wish to explore deeply with an experienced facilitator.

Small group Mentoring sessions are ideally done weekly for a predetermined number of weeks (often 4 – 6 weeks) and focuses on a particular subject or set of subjects.

Minimum of 4 participants / 2 hours / 25.00 per hour per participant.

Please contact me directly if you would like to organize and schedule a Mentoring group.