COVID-19 Updated Information, Policies and Procedures

  • Masks are required at all times in the building. Please bring a mask or one will be provided for you before entering.
    • An exception can be made during your session when you are lying face down with your face in the face cradle – We will utilize a loose pillowcase under the headrest as a loose barrier in that case.
    • I will be wearing a mask during the session.
  • I will be wearing a fresh change of clothes for each session.
  • We will have an exhaust fan running the entire session to move air through the room and out the window.
  • All surfaces that you will come in contact with in the course of your session will have been cleaned thoroughly prior to your appointment (this is not new, but I am including this for the sake of transparency)
    • Hard and non-porous surfaces will have been cleaned and disinfected with medical grade disinfectant.
    • Linens are laundered and stored in such a manner as to not allow for contamination (again, not new but now in plastic containers)
    • Treatment rooms are vacuumed daily.

What I will be asking of you:

  •  Please bring a mask and a water bottle.
  • Please take your own temperature prior to coming in. Anything over 100.00 is enough to require a re-schedule.
    •  If you have ANY symptoms whatsoever please be in touch to cancel your appointment. This includes allergies. There will be no late cancellation fees.
  • We have a touch free thermometer and pulse oximiter for use at the office and I will take your temperature if you have not already done so prior to your session. It’s not clear to me that this screening is useful but it certainly cannot hurt.
  •  I will ask you to fill out a new informed consent form prior to your first appointment back. (Returning clients)
  • If at all possible arrive freshly showered and wearing clean clothes.
  • If at all possible, make your appointment the first stop of your day (i.e. please don’t go to Costco, Target and get a haircut before coming in.)
  • Upon arrival, please remain in your car. I will text or call you 5 minutes before your appointment time to let you know that you may come in and I will be downstairs to meet you.
  • Please wash your hands immediately upon entering/ before going upstairs.
  • Once in my office, our sessions will proceed as they always have with the exception of now wearing facemasks for the entirety of the session (unless you are face down).
  • Please wash your hands again before leaving.




As of August 1st, 2020 – Session availability as follows:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm

Fridays at 9am and 11am

I will continue to revaluate days and available appointments in the coming months.


Structural Bodywork/ SI Sessions – $140.00* – All appointments are approximately 65 – 75 minutes. Session/ appointment length includes intake, assessment and hands-on time.

Shorter sessions are available upon request.

I am currently accepting new Motor Vehicle (MVA) patients.

Neuro-vascular Release (Remote Sessions) – $80.00/ $200.00 for 3 Series. – All NVR Sessions are 45 minutes. You can read more about NVR here.

Onsite/ Out-of-Office Sessions – 1.5 hour appointment – $250.00 – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Movement Coaching/ Consultation – $80.00/ $200.00 for 3 Sessions. Movement Sessions are 45 min. You can read more about what I offer here.

*Bodywork rate listed above reflects a $40.00 Day of Service discount for office visits only. Day of Service discount does not apply to onsite/ out-of-office sessions nor if credit is extended to a client and payment is remitted after the time of service. Rates are subject to occasional cost of living adjustments.


Education/ Tutoring/ Mentoring

Find a full list of Continuing Education classes for practitioners here.

One to One Tutoring/ Consulting: 80.00 per hour – Skype/ Zoom (In-office tutoring suspended due to COVID-19)

One to One Tutoring/ Consulting Onsite: 250.00 – 90 min. (Portland Metro only): I come to your office where I can offer observation, feedback and recommendations regarding everything from body mechanics, ergonomic problem solving for your work space, in-person work with your client or any other issues you may be interested in receiving support for.

Mentoring Groups

Minimum of 4 participants / 2 hours / 25.00 per hour per participant.

Please contact me directly if you would like to organize a group.

Cancellation Policy

Please allow 24-hour notice for appointment cancellations. Missed appointments will charged the full amount. – Missed appointment or late cancellations due to COVID or COVID-like symptoms will not be charged a fee.

We ask that you reschedule your in-person sessions if you have ANY symptoms that might be COVID related (even if you just have allergies).

Office Policies

Payment is due at the time of your appointment unless other arrangements have been made prior to your session.

We ask that you refrain from using scents prior to your appointment. FiveTenDekum strives to provide a neutral environment. Many people have allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities that can be exacerbated by strong scents.

All genders and bodies are welcome.

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